Best Matte Top Coats

Not everyone wants a shiny or glossy look for their nails. Many are looking to get a natural look for their nail polish color and if this is you, getting a matte top coat would be a great purchase for you.

Here are 10 products that can be found on Amazon, all of which are great products for your topcoat needs!

1. Orly Matte Topcoat

This topcoat will ensure that you have the long-lasting manicure that you are truly wanting. It is made with a quick-drying formula so you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes worrying about messing them up. The formula is also made with a formula that is resistant to chipping. You don’t have to worry about having to redo your nails every night because daily tasks chipped your nail polish.

This product gives lacquer a matte finish which will give you a great satin effect. You can create unique nail art with this topcoat as well. This is a product that will help fashion your nails and you can try a number of different combinations to find the style that suits you best.

2. Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher

If you are looking for a product that will give you the perfect matte, no luster effect, this is the topcoat for you! It’s long-lasting and it is very durable so you know it will last longer and give you the look you are wanting. You can wear whatever colors you underneath and know that will instantly matte together! You will get the matte look that you want truly want and you won’t have to worry about redoing the look over and over again since it’s long-lasting.

3. OPI Designer Series Top Coat

This product is made with a diamond dust formula that provides you with extra shine and luster. You can use this over just about any nail polish including holographic nail polishes. You will find that your color will be locked in with this topcoat.

It pairs up perfectly with the rest of the OPI Designer Series. You will get extra shine and luster to any nail polish color that you’d like and it will surely keep your color protected for a long-lasting manicure.

4. KleanColor Nail Polish Mady Matte

This product will keep your fresh manicure lasting weeks with no chips or signs of wear! It’s not too shiny which means you can get a more natural look for your nails if that is what you are looking for. It will matte with any color nail polish that you would like it to. Whether you are young and looking for a hip fresh look or older and looking for a natural and calm look, this is a great product for anyone.

You will surely get a matte look rather than a look of gloss and shine. You can come up with many different style ideas with this product.

5. CND Super Matte Top Coat

This is a super protective topcoat that will give you a durable, modern matte finish. CND has created award-winning base coats and they are now moving onto top coats! They spent a great deal of time doing rigorous testing to ensure that their goal of long-lasting, durable and gorgeous color was met. And it surely was! If you are suffering from thin and weak nails, this is a great product for you. You may find this to be one of the best top coats out there.

How to Use Matte Top Coat

Using one of these coats is very simple. Use your base coat, which can usually be any brand, any color and any type of nail polish. Apply it on smoothly to avoid any lumps when you apply the top coat. Let your base coat dry completely before you apply your topcoat! This is very important. You don’t want your base color mixing in with your top color in the bottle, and your base color not being dry can runs and lumps on your nails.

After your base coat has dried completely, apply your matte top coat. With a matte top coat you will get a smooth manicured look that won’t have too much of a shine. You will love the way your nails look after using one of these products! No matter what type of style you are looking for whether it is a natural look or a fun and hip texture, you’ll surely get what you desire.

To give yourself an even better appearance for your nails, be sure that your nails are filed and trimmed at all times. This will also ensure that your nails stay strong and healthy. After painting your nails and applying the top coat, allow them to dry 100% before you attempt to wash your hands or do hard work with your hands. You don’t want your nails getting ruined a short amount of time after doing them only to have to redo them all over again.

6. Earthly Delights Savina Matte Top Coat

This product offers you a water-based, nontoxic nail color. This product is also formulated to help your nails grow to be more healthy! It is a fantastic color and it goes great with any skin tone. This is a great company that will offer you a quality product. It will work for all seasons and all styles. You will surely want to buy another one.

7. Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Matte Top Coat

This product is a part of the Rouge Allure Velvet Collection. It will give you a soft matte finish over any color you desire. It will fill any ridges in your nails and it is a beautiful color all on its own. If you are looking for a finish that doesn’t offer you a lot of shine or gloss, this is a great matte finish for you.

8. MatteAstrophe Matte Top Coat

You will find that this product is very tough and durable. It will withstand chips and cracks so you can have a lasting manicure look for weeks. It’s fast-drying so you don’t have to worry about being so careful waiting for the coat to dry. You can take away any glossy finish so that you can have a more natural look. It’s toxin-free and very safe to use.

9. Mash Matte Top Coat

This top coat will take any ordinary polish and turn it into a wonderful matte finish. It has a quick-dry formula so that you can have a perfect look every time you use it. It will last you weeks and it won’t cost you too much. It’s very durable so that you don’t have to redo it so many times in a certain period of time.

10. Butter London Matte Finish

This will turn any dull nail polish into a fantastic matte finish. It’s shine-free and is made with safe products. It will give you a great manicured look that will last! It is made to suit any skin tone and type so it’s a good product for anyone to use.

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